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Disabilities roundtable: Are you silica deficient?

Silica is short for Silicon and is a fundamental mineral that is found in the body.

It could be a big part of your disability.

It has the ability to build strong bones, nails and teeth and bettering the skin by combining with elements such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. However, according to this silica review, it is not advised for women who are pregnant as it could harm their health and also the health of the unborn baby.

How can you tell if you are Silica Deficient?

When hair, skin and nails start to weaken, it is a sign that someone may be lacking in Silica. Silica deficiency also results in heart pain, stomach pain and also weak gums and teeth. It can also affect blood vessels, tendons, bones, cartilage and arteries. Research has shown that the lack of Silica in the body is also linked to the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

The importance of silica is that it develops bone metabolism, it affects the quality of connective tissue, and it protects the cardiovascular system and also prevents aging. It is highly important to get the required amount of silica in the body either through natural foods or through silica supplements. Adults are recommended to take minimum 15mg of silicon every day. (1)

Where can you get your Silica Intake?

Silica is commonly present in many of the foods that people consume on a daily basis such as onions, carrots, apples, cereals, nuts, oranges, and bananas. They contain quite a large amount of silica, almost 13.6mg which is almost the amount an adult needs to take every day. Silica is also found in foods such as brown and white rice, oats, beets, and certain herbs.

Amusingly, beer is one of the best sources of silica, for people who drink it that is. Beer contains about 20mg-60mg of silica per liter. Silica is also found in water and plants and grains and beans, which have about 2mg-8mg depending on the serving.

Silica deficiency isn’t common in humans because it is so rich in common foods and plants, but it does occur, especially when people begin to age. An adult’s daily requirement for silica should be between 20mg-50mg. Those who do not have silica in their diet and require more intake, should be taking silica mineral supplements

What is the SilaLive Supplement?

SilaLive is a silica supplement that is highly effective and according to research and users who have had experience with the supplement, it has positive affects and is extremely useful.  Not only does it improve health but it has also been effective when it comes to weight loss. SilaLive is not to be taken more than 3 scoops per day. Once or twice a day with water is more than enough. Each scoop is counted as one serving and there are enough as 30 servings in one bottle. At current, it is not available at any stores or pharmacies; it is only available on its official website. SilaLive caters to people who are silica deficient and also to those who just want to be healthy and get rid of any parasites, toxins or waste from their bodies. (2)

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